Architectural Door & Hardware Company

The Professional Approach

Established in 1986 to provide the building industry with specialized door and hardware installation, ADHC remains unique today.

We have developed proprietary tools and techniques to do the most precise and efficient installation of just the kind of specialty hardware that gives builders headaches, such as:

  • mortise locksets
  • flush bolts
  • pocket door hardware
  • jamb switches
  • roller catches
  • mail slots
  • antique hardware
  • weather-strip
  • interlock thresholds

How we can assist you:

Realizing that door and hardware related problems are the greatest source of callbacks, ADHC takes the extra steps to ensure that an excellent job stays that way such as the following:

  • mortise lock stile/rail joints are steel reinforced
  • concealed raw wood surfaces on exterior doors are thoroughly sealed
  • thread locking compound is used to prevent loosening with time
  • temporary hardware can be provided where necessary to facilitate finishing door in place while providing for full operation and security
  • re-keying capability
  • providing hardware and installation means total accountability
  • stay on schedule! The time your carpenters spend trying to do this tedious and exacting work is time they can be more effective elsewhere (when was the last time you were ahead of schedule?).

How we can save you money:

Even an experienced architect can't be expected to anticipate all the potential conflicts in specifying hardware in various applications and circumstances. We can! punitive return policies can kill profits and long lead times can prevent you from turning over a project by the target date. Consider the following:

  • fixed prices mean an accurate hardware allowance instead of trying to guess your labor costs
  • temporary lock cylinders save end of job re-keying costs
  • temporary knobs and trim prevent expensive damage in a tough, high traffic work environment and eliminates potential damage during door finishing process
  • save the costs of potential damage of incorrect installations. Margin for error is extremely low and door replacement costs can be extremely high

One thing that is difficult to put a price on is the peace of mind during the stressful final stages of a project that comes with having ADHC handle your hardware problems.

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